As a tribute to Steve Scalise, whose career I have closely followed since I met him as he was leaving LSU way back in 1989, see herewith a compilation (follow the links below) of as many of the pieces I’ve written on him as I can find. I particularly commend the first two below — the first being the fun little remembrance I wrote on the day he was shot, and the next one being the first big feature I wrote on him when he entered Congress in 2008. (After that, they aren’t in any particular order.) I urge everybody to pray for his continued recovery, and to pray for strength and comfort for his family and friends, who will need to be there to help him through his ordeal. Steve Scalise is a good man and a superb public servant. Louisiana and America are lucky to have him. — Quin

Scalise, the friendly warrior — and local superstar. (June, 2017)

Conservative star ascendant. (June, 2008)

Scalise: Worth a study. (January, 2011)

Who is Steve Scalise? (June 19, 2014 — exactly three years ago)

Scalise not guilty as charged  (December, 2014)

Scalise on fast track to leadership (June, 2014 — Advocate’s published date is wrong)

Scalise, Vitter help disabled workers (June 2015)

Ease up on Scalise (Jaunary, 2015 — Advocate’s published date is wrong)

Scalise advances with energy (Spring, 2014)

Scalise loses his father (October, 2015)

What I really told the New York Times (December, 2014)

Congress might fix the short snapper season (December, 2014)


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