By Quin Hillyer at PJ Media;

We live in a world where people all too often are prone to divide the world into different “teams,” as it were, and – like Yankees fans hating the Red Sox – permanently ruling out any possibility that somebody on the “other side” is worthy of any respect or honor.

Walking back to my Mobile, Alabama office from lunch today (I write this on Wednesday), I was treated, by the nearby Catholic cathedral, to a grace-filled refutation of that “permanent enemy” mentality.

First, indulge a backstory as to why the cathedral’s surprising action seemed so perfectly timed for me.


Just this past weekend, I was visiting my mother, who has retired to the North Carolina mountains, and she had occasion to mention that her favorite church hymn is Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” I had not known this preference of hers. It happens to be my favorite, too. It always was, ever since the old cartoon “Davey and Goliath” used it as theme music when I was growing up as an Episcopalian in New Orleans. I thought the tune was magnificent – and the older I got, the more I appreciated the powerful images in the lyrics…..

I found this a particularly enjoyable column to write, so I do hope you’ll read the rest of it, here.