(Official Washington Examiner editorial, July 7)  Both Congress and the Justice Department should subpoena electronic correspondence from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s three private email accounts if that correspondence was sent to or from his son Hunter and if it involved officials of or business relations with Ukraine, China, Russia, or Romania.

One such email, first reported in July 2021, is now receiving renewed scrutiny after being released by the National Archives. It showed that Hunter Biden for some reason was copied on a note to the vice president about the latter’s scheduled call with then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The note was sent to the elder Biden at what we now know was one of his private email accounts under the alias of Robert L. Peters. At the time, Hunter Biden was being paid about $1 million annually by a Ukrainian energy firm being probed for alleged corruption.

Joe Biden always has insisted he did not keep tabs on his son’s business affairs, in which the son openly peddled influence based on Joe Biden’s government position. Yet here, as in many other instances, the worst of which may have been bringing Hunter Biden on Air Force Two to China while his son was pursuing a $1.5 billion business deal, the vice president and his aides clearly were roughly aware of Hunter Biden’s dealings. Worse, they appear to have actively kept him “in the loop” about the vice president’s diplomatic efforts involving the same countries from which the son was getting rich.

At least three different people referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy” in the context of Hunter Biden’s business deals. Joe Biden met at least 14 times with various of Hunter Biden’s business associates while vice president, and the vice president’s aides met and emailed with such associates numerous other times. And despite Joe Biden’s claims that he had absolutely no involvement, pro or con, with any rumored FBI investigation into Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian entanglements, the now-president is on tape discussing with Poroshenko a report that an aide for the latter was talking to the FBI. “No, no, they are not,” Joe Biden said. “I told you, the FBI concluded he had nothing and they stopped. That was it. There is no reason to talk to him again.”…. [The full editorial is at this link.]



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