(April 19) When the pandemic was in its earliest days of raging through a frightened world, as big governments forced shutdowns and threw fake money at the resultant financial devastation, longtime conservative economic writer Stephen Moore began a daily memo, weekends excluded, offering better ideas.

His goal, as he says now, was “to systematically attack what turned out to be the most economically damaging, lethal, and unconstitutional government policy in at least 100 years.”

Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline reached its 1,000th edition on April 18, and it’s worth a hat tip for Moore’s trenchant analyses. (Moore, by the way, also is a frequent contributor to the pages of the Washington Examiner.) If lawmakers adopted his policies, the nation’s long-term economic outlook surely would be far more salutary. And if the media were as scrupulous about economic facts as Moore is, the public would be far less confused by the Left’s false narratives.

The 1,000th edition is well representative of Moore’s daily wisdom. For example, he notes, with a crystal-clear chart, that while former President Donald Trump is prone to counterproductive tariffs (and some diplomatically useful ones, too), President Joe Biden is far more of an import tax collector, to more significantly deleterious economic effects. This is even before Biden’s hugely misguided call this week to triple tariffs on aluminum and steel that already are causing billions of dollars of harm to the economy.

Another story cites a new report explaining “how three billionaires manufactured our bogus climate crisis.” Apparently, “former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson … each gave $500,000 to fund a project ‘making the climate threat feel real, immediate and potentially devastating to the business world.’” Granted, there may be some human-caused global warming. But the overhyped scare tactics have caused incalculable harm to global economics and health, among other realms. …. [The full column is here.]


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