By Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines;

Usually the expression “get the lead out” involves speeding something up by lightening one’s load – but in the case of new federal Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, his speediest initial action involved putting the lead back in.

Back in ammunition, that is. To great applause from congressmen representing states in the interior West, Zinke on Thursday – his very first day in office – signed an order reversing a last-minute Obama administration regulation that would have banned the use of lead ammunition or fishing tackle on federal lands.


The Obama order – designed to protect animals from poisoning via lead leaching into wildlife habitat – had enraged sportsmen, who noted that most ammunition contains lead and that lead-free bullets can be significantly more costly. Sportsmen and gun groups also say there is little scientific evidence that such small amounts of lead enter the eco-systems in quantities large enough to create significant harm….

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