Three particularly interesting news-aggregation pieces at Liberty Headlines last week by Quin Hillyer;

Media over-react to Jeff Sessions’ announcement:

It’s the Jerry Seinfeld equivalent of First Amendment battles: The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) says media outlets are in a tizzy about nothing.

It began last week when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new initiative to crack down on illegal government “leaks.” As part of the effort, Sessions said DoJ is “reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas.”…. [Full story here.]

The Kasich-Hickenlooper bromance heats up:
Do-gooders wanting America’s two big political parties to work with each other may be getting nowhere in Washington, D.C., but there’s a bipartisan bromance brewing in some governors’ mansions.

The two governors who make up this political Odd Couple are Republican John Kasich of Ohio and Democrat John Hickenlooper of Colorado. The Hillnewspaper reported Aug. 2 that Hickenlooper won’t rule out a White House run with Kasich in 2020. (It’s not clear who would lead the ticket and who would run for vice president.)…. [Full story here.]

Asians claim reverse racism, but media blames whites:

An Asian-American lawsuit against Harvard University is attracting conservative intellectual support, against leftist claims that the suit amounts to backdoor racism against blacks and Hispanics.

The suit was filed nearly three years ago, but it is in the news now because the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) last week listed an internal job posting for lawyers to investigate affirmative action policies, followed by confirmation by DoJ that it specifically will look into Harvard’s practices…. [Later in the article:] Entirely ignoring the context of the Asian suit against Harvard, liberal columnists were quick to say the Trump DoJ’s job listing was a sign of its support for white racism. Washington Post-sponsored blogger Paul Waldman wrote that the investigation is part of the administration’s follow-through on promises made during an “explicitly white nationalist campaign that used racial resentment as its engine.”…. [Full story is here.]