Last week, I wrote a short column about the growing evidence that Donald Trump is a habitual liar. Wednesday night in the big debate, he proved it. There’s not even any wiggle room. Jeb Bush (far from my favorite, as regular readers know) said that Trump tried hard to get him to allow casinos in Florida. Trump said, emphatically, without leaving any gray area, that he did no such thing. But the record is voluminous that he did. Follow all these links to see the proof.

Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina’s business record is far better than it looks at first glance, and far better than I had been willing to credit. Liz Mair explains, in …. Here’s the Truth About Carly Fiorina’s Business Record.

Finally, it’s worth noting that while Donald Trump is a disgustingly strong advocate of expanding the abusive governmental practice of eminent domain, a key eminent domain fight is being played out in Connecticut right now:

Connecticut Homeowners Fight to Prevent City From Taking Their Homes for Redevelopment, by Melissa Quinn.