The Real Donald Trump

The Mantrumpian Candidate, by Scott McKay;

To Attract Disillusioned Voters, the GOP Must Understand Their Concerns, by Henry Olsen;

Former CIA Official: ‘Zero Ambiguity’ Over Hillary’s Email Conduct, ‘Absolutely’ Endangered Lives, by Guy Benson;

13 Hours Confirms Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Lies about Benghazi, by Deroy Murdock;

IRS Erases Hard Drive Despite Court Order, by Alexander Hendrie;

HOLLYWOOD, RACIST?!!, by Ben Stein;

Republicans Need to Remember What Elections Are For, by Thomas Sowell;

Trump’s bad bet: How too much debt drove his biggest casino aground, by Robert O’Harrow Jr.;

Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs, by Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne;

Watch Donald Trump Say There are Jobs Americans Won’t Do, Make the Case for Partial Amnesty, by Leon H. Wolf;

Larry Summers: ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ on College Campus, by Daniel Halper;

Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich continues to pay big, by Peter Schwelzer;

The Oil Industry, Flat on Its Back, by Scott McKay;

WaPo: The teachers unions may be horrible, but let’s not touch their money, by Jazz Shaw;

Memo to AP: Job Growth Doesn’t Automatically Equal Economic Growth, by Tom Blumer;

Bill Clinton Indicts Obamanomics, by Deroy Murdock;

New Court Defeat for Obama Means Win for Redskins, Free Speech and Intellectual Property Rights, by Timothy H. Lee


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