Only three items today, because the first merits special attention. This is an incredibly important, and disturbing, story. And it appears not at some Christian-right site, but at the web site of Arutz Sheva Israel International News. If our non-Christian brethren are expressing alarm, why aren’t we?

A genocide of Christians is underway — and the West sleeps, by Giulio Meotti.

Here, Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Greenberg from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, who has watched Hillary Clinton’s entire career from up close, writes about the lady he (and his headline) call The newest Nixon.

Here’s one about which I don’t know what to think, and can’t tell who makes sense and who’s just goofy. But it’s sort of amusing to see what happens when one set of safety regulations or safety activists fights another set of safety regulations or activists: Flame retardants may be coming off furniture, but they’re still in your TV sets, from the U.S. edition of the UK Guardian.