Oh, there’s so much infuriating news out there. Witness the first four stories in today’s roundup. But then smile at the fifth one.

Why Can’t The Dems Say ‘Radical Islam’?, by Ben Domenech;

Will the Senate stop DOJ’s community organizing bonanza?, by Dustin Howard;

Three Things You Need to Know about the Little Sisters of the Poor, by Peter Kirsanow;

American Colleges are Reaping the Progressive Whirlwind, by George Will;

… and, finally, in this short blog post at The American Spectator, Aaron Goldstein focuses on exactly the right aspect of the new list of soon-to-be-recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Say Hey Kid was not only the greatest ballplayer who will ever wield bat and glove, but he is a wonderful human being. Here’s to Willie Mays.


ONE LAST NOTE: Some of you might have wondered about the photo that always accompanies these “roundups” of news and opinion items that I recommend as interesting reading. Why, you ask, is there a picture of cowboys? Or maybe you haven’t noticed. Anyway, what is pictured is a cattle roundup, with the cows literally being herded into a circle. One person I know called it a silly “visual pun” on my part.

Anyway, I’m tired of the photo myself. I want a consistent photo as the immediately recognizable theme to feature the roundups. If anybody has any suggestions, please email to me the photo or illustration you recommend, to Qhillyer@Gmail.com. Thanks.






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