It is astonishing that Republicans on Capitol Hill are stumbling around ineptly as the worst foreign-policy “deal” of our lifetimes, the one with Iran (that’s a map of Iran, with a nuclear symbol, as our illustration today), gets closer to taking effect. At National Review, two of the smartest guys around explain why this doesn’t need to happen:

Obama’s Iran deal is still far from settled, by Andrew McCarthy.

How the GOP can get around the Corker deal, by Deroy Murdock.

Meanwhile, the always incisive Michael Barone calls foul on a foul movement: Black Lives Matter’s agenda is costing black lives.

Now, here’s more about, ugh, Donald Trump: No movement that embraces Trump can call itself conservative, by Jonah Goldberg.

Finally, you’ll see a separate entry with my own brief tribute to one of the most memorable men I’ve ever known, an unsung hero for cause and country. But here are two others:

In Memoriam John Von Kannon, 1949-2015, posted by The Heritage Foundation.

“The Baron,” John Von Kannon, RIP, by Steven Hayward.


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