Sen. Cornyn to Loretta Lynch: It’s Time for a Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary, by Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller;

Pricing the Bern: WSJ puts Sanders’ proposals at $18 trillion over 10 years, by Ed Morrissey;

…. Christians fleeing persecution have trouble gaining refugee status…., by Abraham Miller at PoliZette;


Krauthammer’s Take: Why is McConnell Letting Dems Filibuster Iran Resolutions?, at National Review.;

… and finally, because the second Republican presidential debate is tonight, I will repeat that the debate format — basing “major debate” participation on the polls — is atrocious, asinine, moronic, unfair, counterproductive, and a disservice to the country, and that there are far better ways to do it. It’s worth reviewing a column of mine from June 1, the first part of which dealt with just that topic: Why I’m Already Grumpy about 2016.