Coach Tuberville commits personal foul in Bama Senate race (Jan. 7). As the wacky, high-profile Senate race in Alabama heats up with one top candidate’s release of a new TV ad, another major contender, former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, is proving to be just another mud-slinging politician.

Predictably, Tuberville proves it in the very campaign literature that repeatedly proclaims he is not a typical career politician. The unintentional self-parody is almost priceless…. [And] the letter makes Tuberville a candidate for Clichés Anonymous….

Catastrophe awaits unless feds rein in the budget (Dec. 30). Washington policymakers in the past few years have been wildly irresponsible in managing the federal budget.

That’s the obvious conclusion to be drawn from a new analysis of the past decade’s budget developments by the respected centrist Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Booming economies usually help annual federal deficits shrink, but, instead, the Trump administration and Congress have overseen a huge increase in deficits, plus a significant hike in the federal debt load.

The latter is especially worrisome. As a percentage of gross domestic product, debt held by the public sat at only 35% just 14 years ago. Now it stands at 79%. Total debt (both held by the public and by other federal accounts, such as the Social Security trust fund) now stands at 105% of GDP. [And it has happened on a GOP watch.]….


Trump ignores mounting debt in U.S. and worldwide (Dec. 20). As President Trump fiddles, the United States and the world continue to burn holes through all reasonable safeguards against a massive global debt crisis. As the global news agency AFP put it in a Dec. 19 article, “A wave of debt in emerging and developing nations has grown faster and larger than in any period of the last five decades and could end with another crisis, the World Bank warned Thursday.”…

Retiring Mark Meadows of N.C. leaves scorched earth behind (Dec. 19). Good riddance to Rep. Mark Meadows, who announced Thursday morning that he is retiring from Congress after just four terms. He has been one of the most destructive members of the House Republican caucus, and his legacy is one of a more poisonous political process….


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