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Breaking: Tucker Ocasio-Cortez previews the Mueller report! (March 11) — Some news days remind me of that Yogi Berra line about the restaurant where “nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.” The Twitterverse’s biggest topic today involves truly obnoxious and idiotic comments that TV news personality Tucker Carlson made 10 or 20 or a gazillion years ago when talking to shock jocks and trying to be funny….

Somebody else on Fox News said something to which the Left objects. The ever-ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said something to which the Right objects. Another person proved that climbing inside a zoo enclosure is dangerous. And for about the 93rd week in a row, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report might be released this week, proving either that President Trump is a conscious agent of the Kremlin or more innocent than Snow White….

Dick Cheney was right to question Trump’s erratic diplomacy (March 12).

DeVos scholarships would give control to parents, not bureaucrats (March 14).

Will Rep. Ilhan Omar denounce rocket attacks against Israel? (March 14).

Sixth Circuit wisely separates abortion ‘right’ from public financing (March 12). 

On ’emergency,’ senators owe ‘loyalty’ to Constitution, not to Trump (March 14)– Senators will be entirely justified when they vote later today to disapprove of President Trump’s (mis)use of supposed “emergency” powers to spend funds for a border wall that Congress did not appropriate for that purpose.

The only shame is that the votes won’t be there to override his promised veto. Actually, if Senate Republicans had appropriate self-respect, Trump’s reported treatment of the vote as a “loyalty” test should make them more, not less, willing to cross him. They owe loyalty, not to Trump, but to the Constitution and laws of the United States, and they ought to teach Trump that lesson.

Trump’s assertion of emergency authority is a usurpation of Congress’s exclusive power to appropriate federal money. Yes, Congress delegated some of that power to the president in certain emergency situations, but that delegation of power is neither open-ended nor a blank check. The default assumption in any gray area should be that the president lacks such power….


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