Three pieces, one of them a national “scoop” I got, showing the sheer perfidy of how the political Left smear conservative judges. (Links of course embedded in the headlines.)

Anti-Barrett plotter vows to “kick the f***” out of weak senators (Sept. 24)  On a late Thursday afternoon conference call of the left-wing group Patriotic Millionaires, group President Erica Payne urged activists to work against a coming Trump Supreme Court nominee by “mak[ing] this an unbelievably painful process for Senate Republicans” and “kick[ing] the f— out of” Democratic senators who won’t fight hard enough.

Saying that Democrats are showing such weakness as to be “utter bullshit,” Payne acknowledged that the nominee almost certainly will be confirmed, but “the question is whether we can extract any flesh and bone in the process.” [Note: This was a national exclusive.]….

Democratic senators, like sheep, follow leftist pressure groups (Sept. 26) A coalition of leftish groups appears to have created a playbook for opposing President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and, like puppets, Democratic senators already are following it….

CBS bias horribly manipulates news against conservative judges (Sept. 21)  CBS This Morning on Monday provided a perfect case study in how establishment-media bias works. Against conservatives, of course.

The topic was the Supreme Court vacancy. Here’s how the major networks and the East Coast legacy media play the game. Step one: Choose a flat-out liberal as a supposedly neutral “expert” commentator. Step two: The news anchors let go unchallenged anything the expert says, even if the anchors would openly argue with an analyst who says something almost identical in favor of conservatives instead.

It’s all very subtle, and they do it with the aplomb of stage magicians…. Blatant smears against conservatives are not just allowed to pass unchallenged, but approved with the anchor’s nods and smiles. This isn’t journalism; it’s propaganda….


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