Pence pushes a very Reaganesque peace through strength (Oct. 10):  It has long been clear that the education establishment’s obsession with identity politics pushes noxious notions into impressionable young minds. It is now also clear, from a new study, that the obsession also thwarts real learning. The identity politics regime in education must end.

The Heritage Foundation reported this month that 48% of school districts with at least 15,000 students have a chief diversity officer and that there was a consistent correlation between this and measurable “learning loss during the pandemic by black and Hispanic students” that significantly outpaced learning loss by the same demographics in districts without such diversity officers.

The districts employing chief diversity officers also were more likely to trammel parental rights because they “were significantly more likely to have policies that keep the ‘gender transitioning’ of students secret from parents.”

There’s a logical cause and effect in these findings…. (Again, here is the full column.)

Trump abandons both Israel and the U.S. Constitution (Oct. 13):  What will it take for supporters of former President Donald Trump to realize the man is depraved and perhaps demented?

In the past week, he has, on one front, given verbal aid to Hezbollah terrorists and, on another front, told a court he has no duty to “support” the Constitution.

This is at least the second time Trump has said he isn’t bound by the Constitution. His comments praising the world’s evildoers, meanwhile, have been too numerous to count.

Trump’s court filing on the Constitution was astonishing. Responding to a meritless lawsuit in Colorado that claims he has legally disqualified himself from running again for the presidency, Trump didn’t merely offer the obvious rejoinder that no court has come close to finding that he broke laws against “insurrection.” Instead, he went further, well into loony land….



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