(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Attorney General Jeff Sessions is so popular in his home state of Alabama that a major contender for his old U.S. Senate seat is proposing that all candidates for the seat withdraw from the race in order to let Sessions re-take the office.

In one of the more bizarre special elections in recent U.S. history, this is the latest, and perhaps most bizarre, twist.

The candidate suggesting that he and everybody else should drop out from the August 15 Republican primary is U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, generally seen as one of the three leading contenders for two primary runoff spots. Polls reportedly show that the other two leading contenders are temporary incumbent Luther Strange and the state’s twice-evicted Supreme Court chief justice, Roy Moore. The fourth candidate (in a nine-candidate GOP field) seen as having an outside shot at the runoff is state Sen. Trip Pittman, who represents a Republican-heavy coastal county.

Brooks’s press release on Wednesday introduces a resolution whereby all nine candidates should withdraw from the race while Strange resigns from the Senate in favor of a gubernatorial re-appointment of Sessions to the seat – followed by the Republican state executive committee naming Sessions as its nominee for the special general election against whomever the Democrats nominate. This move in turn would, of course, allow President Trump, who has been verbally attacking Sessions for days, to try to find another national attorney general.

Brooks, meanwhile, would remain in the House. But Strange, the former state attorney general, would be entirely out of a job….


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Liberty Headlines has reported before on the strange, and Strange, backdrop for this race. After Trump appointed Sessions as U.S. attorney general, former governor Robert Bentley appointed then-state AG Strange to Sessions’ seat – at the same time Strange’s office was investigating Bentley for allegations of official corruption of multiple kinds surrounding an alleged affair with Bentley’s top aide, Rebekah Mason. Only after Strange took the Senate job was Bentley removed from office after pleading guilty to some of the lesser charges being readied against him…..

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