Take 24 hours to welcome Britney Griner home, Dec. 8. — The prisoner swap that is bringing basketball player Brittney Griner home from Russia should spark invocation of a “24-hour rule.” Take a day to celebrate the good news of an innocent American’s release from captivity before rushing to condemn the terms of the exchange….

Prichard Prep is one of nation’s winning, innovative schools, Dec. 15. — Successfully innovative education got a big boost this fall through the Yass Prizes, a private grant-making effort whose final winners were announced on Dec. 14 in New York. The example of the winning school, and indeed of all 64 quarterfinalists, should inform educators everywhere.

Sinema party switch could have big repercussions, Dec. 9. — Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s December re-registration from Democratic to independent will reverberate in the 2024 presidential race. Sinema’s move could be an ominous one for the two-party-dominant system….

No R.E. Lee at West Point, but YES to him elsewhere, please, Dec. 21.  — Context is important, as is a respect for the messiness of history against the alternative of ignoring it. The context at West Point, however, argues overwhelmingly and insistently that Confederates merit no name or place of honor there….West Point is the academy for the U.S. Army. Confederates took arms against the U.S. … It should be patently obvious that those who took arms against the U.S. military have no rightful place in its pantheon…. [BUT, IN NEW ORLEANS,] People of goodwill could argue that, in context, both the Beauregard and Lee Statues should remain….

Ohio wisely strengthens voter ID laws, Dec. 19. — Despite all the Left’s mendacious claims about widespread “voter suppression,” legislators responding to overwhelming public opinion continue to adopt new, reasonable safeguards for voting integrity. Ohio became the latest example …

Smart California voters fight back against dumb new fast-food labor laws, Dec. 7. — A million Californians are admirably fighting back against state politicians’ latest egregious attempt at hyper-intrusive, command-and-control government….





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