By Quin Hillyer at NRO’s The Corner;

In one of the most bizarre bits of right-wing paranoia in years, a small group of otherwise thoughtful Christian conservatives have been spending great energy trashing the reputation of Supreme Court short-lister William Pryor, the admirable Alabamian who sits on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and also chairs the U.S. Sentencing Commission. It is bizarre because it is so obvious to most conservative legal eagles that Pryor is about as solid a constitutional conservative as we will ever see. On these pages last week, the Heritage Foundation’s John Malcolm rightly defended Pryor from these unfair and ill-advised attacks.
Now, today at the Daily Signal, comes even more firepower to sing Pryor’s praises and to make mincemeat of the supposed case against him. The firepower comes from perhaps the most respected conservative legal eminence this side of Clarence Thomas, namely former U.S. Attorney General and Reagan confidant Ed Meese…. [who is] in many respects the grandfather of the modern conservative legal movement…..

This is important (not my summation of it, but the subject matter and Meese’s words), so please do follow this link for the rest of it.


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