(News story NOT BY QUIN HILLYER): Two Congressman ask if Montpelier has misused public funds (May 18):  EXCLUSIVE — Two Republicans are demanding answers about “woke” influences at President James Madison’s Montpelier and other historical sites.

Reps. Bob Good (R-VA) and Eli Crane (R-AZ) flagged concerns about how exhibits at Montpelier discuss slavery and the country’s founding documents. They also sought answers from the head of the National Trust for Historic Preservation about whether federal funds were used…. They cited Washington Examiner reporting by Quin Hillyer that Montpelier’s director of archaeology, Matthew Reeves, “said something to the effect that staff members had no interest in honoring a ‘dead white president and a dead white president’s Constitution.'” …

A shakeup at Montpelier still leaves Left in control (May 3): Another day, another leadership shake-up at Montpelier, the museum home of “Father of the Constitution” James Madison .

As one longtime board member put it, it’s not clear whether the new developments “mean chaos, or if they mean light at the end of the tunnel.”

Either way, staff turmoil continues, operational funds are perilously limited, “woke” forces still dominate the Montpelier Foundation board, lawsuits remain active, and longtime supporters estranged from board leadership in recent years remain wary of current management.

In sum, a place that should be a world-renowned landmark extolling the virtues of a constitutional republic remains at risk…..

Big lawsuit and other serious allegations against Montpelier (May 16):  Considerable uproar continues in the aftermath of last year’s “woke” takeover of Montpelier, the museum estate of American founder James Madison .

One year ago today, George Urban signed a contract to be the chief financial officer of Montpelier, a job that, in effect, he had already been doing without the formal title. On March 31, Urban filed a lawsuit claiming Montpelier had breached his contract by dismissing him without the severance pay guaranteed therein. Urban’s suit also suggests his dismissal stemmed at least in part from a claim he and three others filed on the same day he signed the contract, May 16, 2022, alleging that the four had been subjected to a hostile work environment…. And that’s just the start of this eye-opening report!….


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