Two final pieces (for now) at Liberty Headlines, by Quin. (Follow the links in the headlines for the full stories.)

Governor Scott Walker’s defeat was a win for labor unions:

With all of the recount drama going on in Florida and Georgia, perhaps too little attention is being paid to the narrow loss of one of the nation’s most effective conservative labor-law reformers, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

That’s a major takeaway from a piecepublished by the MacIver Institute, the free-market think tank in Wisconsin.

Titled “Big Labor Salivating at Prospects of Union Friend, Governor-Elect Evers,” the article by Matt Kittle averred that with Tony Evers’ 49.6 percent to 48.4 percent victory over Walker, “Big Labor” had “knock[ed] out its Public Enemy No. 1 at the polls.”

The result, wrote Kittle, “drives out of power the man who arguably did more to rein in runaway public sector employee unions and give power back to taxpayers than any public figure in the nation.”

He explained: “Walker’s landmark Act 10 legislation of 2011 crimped labor’s power and its outsized position at the negotiating table. It requires public sector employees to contribute more to their taxpayer-funded health insurance plans and state pensions, while limiting pay raises to the rate of inflation.

Unions must also hold annual recertification votes, and give public employees the right to opt out of membership in their labor organizations. Under the old compulsory system, government employees never had a choice: they joined the public union and paid dues or they were fired.”

Through these and other conservative reforms, Walker achieved such significant successes for the Wisconsin economy that the New York Times featured a full article explaining why the state’s economic boom was a “big hurdle” to Evers’ campaign.

Still, after state voters experienced eight years of constant, high-profile battles, some said Walker’s stolid personal style combined with a reputation for national ambitions may have worn thin politically there…..

Obamacare plans cover abortion on demandDespite caterwauling from the pro-abortion Left, access to abortion coverage under Obamacare continues to expand even as the Trump administration takes steps to allow employers to offer plans that accept separate (rather than universally mandated) payments for elective abortion coverage……


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