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Texas the Latest State to Ban Sharia, Foreign Laws from Domestic Courts


The progressive-Left these days is awash with ever-more outlandish examples of support for mistreating people just because they are white. When Liberty Headlines relayed the report this week that a professor at Connecticut’s Trinity College suggested first responders’ treatment of white shooting victims should be to just “let them f***ing die,” that was just the tip of the iceberg.

At a site called Medusa Magazine – whose motto is “Feminist Revolution Now” – a columnist identified as Nicole Valentine writes that because “it is often white families that stand in the way of equality and justice,” and because (allegedly!) “America’s fascination with the white family unit has gone hand-in-hand with the historical proliferation of white supremacy,” the solution is that “the white family unit must be destroyed.” How? Simple [emphasis added]: “White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children.”…..