Three different news summaries (follow the links)…:

1. (Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Work worked for welfare, so why not make work work for Medicaid as well? That idea – requiring federal aid recipients to do some sort of work in return – is animating a new bill bu U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith, a fourth-term Republican from Virginia. It is expected to prove highly controversial, even though a similar idea was a successful linchpin for the landmark welfare reform legislation of 1996…

2. While liberals continue to push the narrative that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is too conservative for his position, a behind-the-scenes argument is brewing on the right about whether the rest of Sessions’ Justice Department will be conservative enough. The biggest disagreement among conservative legal eagles involves Sessions’s pending choice to lead the department’s most controversial sub-department, the Civil Rights Division. The widely reported front-runner for the spot, California Republican leader Harmeet Dhillon, counts conservative superstars Laura Ingraham and (reportedly) Dinesh D’Souza among her staunchest supporters. However, plenty of other conservative stalwarts argue that Dillon is too liberal for the appointment. …


3. Numerous reports indicate that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will experience relatively smooth sailing towards Senate confirmation.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee opening its hearings on Monday to consider his nomination, Politico reports that Democrats still have no clear strategy to defeat – or even significantly delay – his confirmation. Meanwhile legal and political eminences by the score – from all across the political spectrum – line up to support Gorsuch, and conservative defenders rebut criticisms again him, discouraging opponents more with every passing day.

Politico’s headline describes Senate Democrats as strategically and tactically “paralyzed” by the widespread positive response Gorsuch has received….