“Media behaving very badly” has become a daily occurrence. Herewith, three examples, with links to the full columns embedded in each headline.

Piers Morgan wrongs Trump in latest example of media dishonesty (April 25):

It’s no wonder that so much of the public distrusts the establishment media when top media people cheat even when knowing their subjects are taping them in doing so.

Case in point: Piers Morgan’s outrageously deceptive promotional spots deliberately misrepresenting how former President Donald Trump ended Morgan’s interview with him. As Washington Examiner Deputy News Editor Daniel Chaitin detailed late last week, Morgan spliced different parts of the interview together to make it appear as if Trump furiously cut short the interview because he didn’t like Morgan’s questions about the 2020 election. In reality, the interview ended rather amicably after Trump gave Morgan more than an hour in excess of the scheduled interview time….

KC newspaper tries to verbally crucify GOP candidate on Easter Sunday (April 20): American establishment media outlets have been actively hostile to traditional Christianity for decades now, but few have expressed the hostility as sleazily as the Kansas City Star did in an April 17 feature on Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri.

Daniel Desrochers’s article, which was the newspaper’s entire-front-page lead story on Easter Sunday, was headlined “Running God’s way: Can Vicky Hartzler’s ‘conservative biblical values’ win a Senate seat?” (Here, but behind a paywall.) The reporter’s sneering contempt for Hartzler’s faith all but drips off the page. The article treats her conservative Christianity as exotic and perhaps threatening, as though it’s a contagion infecting American life….

Priest practices deceit in newspaper column condemning coach’s public prayer (April 27):

Beware priests who quote Scripture only selectively, especially when they are also dishonestly selective in quoting the Constitution. And when the priest is saying a football coach should not be allowed to pray in public, it’s time to throw a penalty flag at the misleading minister….


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