Please, no mercy for Atlanta rioters (Jan. 22):  We eagerly await the sights and sounds of Democratic politicians rushing to denounce the violent, antifa-linked protests in Atlanta last night.

Wait — what’s that? You say you haven’t heard any outrage from the Left? You say you haven’t seen President Joe Biden call for calm? You say left-wing street violence gets excused by the liberal media, but disturbed mass shooters are always blamed on conservatives, even when the shooters write left-wing social-media posts?

Well, you’re right. As seems to have been the case for some 60 years now, the most the Left can do in response to most violent street protests is some mild tut-tutting along the lines of “understandable rage boiling over a bit too far.” One CNN guest, “freelance journalist” David Peisner, even said that “this idea that breaking windows or other acts of property destruction are the same as actual violence against humans, it’s kind of a dangerous and slippery concept.” The worst he could say about the rioters was that “a small group” of them perhaps didn’t make a “smart move.”

And neither the CNN host, nor other guests, interrupted with incredulity at the moral monstrosity coming from Peisner’s mouth….

DC Council goes insanely lenient on violent criminals (Official Washington Examiner editorial, Jan. 17):

When even Washington, D.C.’s leftist mayor, Muriel Bowser , thinks the D.C. Council is getting dangerously lenient on crime, wokeness has clearly gone too far.

The council is expected to vote on Tuesday [Update: DID vote] to override Bowser’s veto of a bill to penalties for serious crimes such as home invasion thefts, carjacking, and homicide. It would mean a city that militantly restricts the gun rights of law-abiding citizens would lighten the punishment of convicted felons who carry guns illegally or commit crimes with them. The bill would eliminate life sentences and most mandatory minimum sentences and reduce maximum penalties even for major crimes so judges could not lock especially heinous offenders away for long. …


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