Three news-summary stories from me last week at Liberty Headlines Follow the links below. — Quin

The backlash against Confederate monuments, and debates about the worthiness of Robert E. Lee, spreads from state to state to state: “The opinion outlets are full of debate about both the monuments and about the merits and flaws of Confederate leaders, especially Lee. On the former, the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal ran a piece arguing that the ultimate goal of the statue removers is ideological supremacy today – that they demonstrate an ‘urge to crush’ traditionalists and conservatives everywhere by delegitimizing not just Confederates, but eventually America’s slave-owning founders.”….

Liberals increasingly wish Hillary Clinton would just go away, at least for a while, but she just won’t go: “Fat chance of the former first lady disappearing, though. Just two hours before this article was written, another story popped up on the screen: “Pro-Clinton PAC Begins Hiring Spree for 2018 Midterms.” Priorities USA already has hired former Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin, and says it hopes to be just as active in the 2018 cycle as it was when it spent more than $200 million, largely on behalf of Clinton, in 2016.”….

Jeff Sessions stops Justice Department from funding leftist groups: “Conservatives are thrilled with a Justice Department announcement Wednesday that it will stop the practice of sharing legal-penalty payments with outside advocacy groups.The Obama administration had used the practice as a way to funnel money to liberal interest groups – in effect, as a back-door subsidy for left-wing lobbyists…. What that meant is that a slew of leftist interest groups got a lot of the money. For instance, some BoA money went to a group called Neighborworks of America, which in turn finances a host of left-wing “community organizers” – such as Acorn Housing, an entity relating to the corrupt, since-shuttered ACORN organization. Payments in other settlements went to the National Council of La Raza and the National Urban League.”….


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