If anyone doubts that white supremacy/neo-Nazism is a threat,just read this piece from Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, and the first piece of mine, below, from the Examiner. It is absurd to belittle white supremacy, as I explained in my second piece below. But it is also deeply unfair to say that someone who doesn’t recognize the threat is himself a virtual Klansman — hence, my defense of Tucker Carlson in the third piece below…. (Links embedded in the headline of each.)

Neo-Nazi writer hides from verdict punishing his threats (Aug. 9): A federal judge sent a desperately needed message to neo-Nazis and other online terrorists on August 8 by ordering a white supremacist organizer of a vicious “troll storm” to pay $14 million in damages to a Jewish woman they bombarded for years with anti-Semitic, threatening messages.

Speech freedoms do not extend to communications that are threatening or deliberately harassing. Even if no actual violence results from it, verbal terrorism is still terrorism. And the law will rightfully find a way to penalize neo-Nazi scum who prey on innocents and their families.

The case at hand involved Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer web site….

Tucker Carlson is wrong: White supremacy is a threat (Aug. 7): One cannot know what brain spasm was occurring inside Tucker Carlson’s head Tuesday night, but he really ought to walk back his assertion that “white supremacy” is “not a real problem in America” and, worse, that it’s “a hoax.”

One word, Tucker: Charlottesville.

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 occurred not because some lone-wolf neo-Nazi got jiggy with his automobile. Instead, hundreds of white supremacists, many of them armed, paraded through the streets, torches aloft, yelling slogans such as “Jews will not replace us.” They were organized. They marched in paramilitary formation. And there surely were not any “very fine people” among them. Not a single one….

Tucker created a stink bomb, but MSNBC weaponized it (Aug 9): Please, everybody, can we call a time out, and tamp down the rhetoric? Stop accusing the “other side” of being the moral equivalent of Osama bin Laden or Pol Pot? Please?

The latest, sickening escalation of rhetoric came Thursday night in an exchange between MSNBC host Chris Hayes and political science professor Jason Johnson…. Johnson said that Carlson has “been playing a Forever 21 Klansman for like four or five years now … This is someone who basically supports terrorism.”….

If one’s goal is to criticize someone’s rhetoric, it is generally not a good idea to nuclearize your own rhetoric….


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