Two columns. First, a neutral cheat sheet for what’s involved in the Biden-Trump-Ukraine controversy:

A cheat sheet for understanding it all (Sept. 20): 

The new controversy about President Trump’s conduct toward the government of Ukraine is not really hard to understand, but it does involve multiple sub-issues. Here, then, in the interests of clarity, is a basic outline of the situation.

Sub-issue 1Did Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president, engage in corruption while on the board of Burisma, an energy exploration company long operating in Ukraine; and did then-vice president Joe Biden improperly intervene to quash a Ukrainian government investigation of his son’s actions?….

Sub-issue 2:Did Trump withhold military aid to Ukraine, duly approved by U.S. law in pursuit of American security interests, as a way to pressure Ukraine to re-open its investigation into the Bidens? If so, was that quid pro quo improper, despite lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s protestations to the contrary?….

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This does look like collusion, possibly impeachably (Sept. 20): 

Presidential impeachment looms, and perhaps even removal, because Donald Trump may have colluded after all.

Or, to use the correct legal terminology, maybe the president tried to engage in a “conspiracy” with a foreign government, to wit, an effort to use American assets in a quid pro quo arrangement to directly affect a national election and both nations’ systems of criminal justice.

This is what House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California and other Democrats suspect with regard to a whistleblower’s complaint that reportedly was “prompted by President Trump’s interactions with a foreign leader.”

The evidence already indicates a significant likelihood that the suspicions are correct. If — repeat, only if — the reports do prove true, then Trump is in massive trouble.

Granted, Schiff himself is hardly a reliable interpreter of events. He’s a far-left ideological enemy of Trump’s, a publicity hound prone to grandstandinggullibility, and prevarication. Still, even political hacks sometimes stumble upon important information….

[The full column is at this link.] 


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