(Official Washington Examiner editorial, August 9)  The public has a right to know details about the bag of cocaine found in the White House on July 2. It should not be a closed case, even though the Secret Service claims it can’t identify the culprit. The claim is on its face nonsense. Can there be any corner of the White House that is not monitored, and if so, why?

Congress and the Justice Department should investigate not primarily to embarrass the cocaine handler but because significant security issues are at stake.

Editor Susan Katz Keating of Soldier of Fortune magazine has reported that unimpeachable sources say Secret Service denials are false, that the agency has told President Joe Biden the identity of the person who brought the bag into the White House, and that fingerprints on the bag were those of “someone in the Biden family orbit,” although not the president’s wayward son, Hunter.

A healthy skepticism of “official” stories concerning the Bidens is reasonable considering how often law enforcement and other security personnel have promulgated exculpatory accounts about the family that proved untrue.

It is disgraceful that a bag of the drug could make it into the West Wing without detection and without the Secret Service being able to solve the mystery. The white powder could have been anthrax or fentanyl. The wrong sort of exposure to even small amounts of either substance could be deadly to the president or his aides….

If the cocaine carrier were a Biden or somebody so close to the family that he or she enjoyed expedited entry, it would be marginally less concerning than if it were someone else, for it makes sense that the family can enter and leave the White House without constant screening. Nobody would expect drug-sniffing dogs to check the president, the first lady, or their children.

But if the perpetrator is someone unknown, the security lapse is significantly more serious. … [The full editorial is at this link.]


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