Three pieces — two columns and one Washington Examiner official editorial — about difficulties in which former vice president Joe Biden finds himself, and what he and others should do about them…..

To read the full columns, follow the links embedded in the headlines for each.

EDITORIAL: Biden should open his Senate records (May 2): Joe Biden’s has an untenable position in insisting that his Senate records housed at the University of Delaware remain closed.

Unless the former vice president allows an unbiased and untainted search into any papers related to former staffer Tara Reade, the woman who accuses him of assault, his denials are at least somewhat suspect. He made matters worse Friday by excusing his actions with nonsense and double talk….


Biden’s growing age and sex problems give longshots another chance (April 28): If I were an ambitious and canny Democratic politician right now, one with a sort of mid-level public profile, well known to activists if not the general public, I would start planning to make a big splash early this summer.

There is a real chance, still small but growing, that the national Democratic Party might need to shove aside Joe Biden and engineer the party’s presidential nomination for someone else. If so, the only way to do it while pulling the party together rather than splintering it would be to choose someone widely acceptable, but without the enemies a prior contender naturally makes during bitter party primaries….

Does Biden have the guts to list potential Supreme Court nominees? (April 30): With the Supreme Court recently making news (and displeasing conservatives) in cases on gun rights and environmental over-regulation, now is a good time for the court to become a major part of the presidential campaign. Just as Donald Trump did in May of 2016, Joe Biden soon ought to release his own list of potential high-court nominees….




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