Three columns on why full Democratic control of Washington would be a nightmare. (Links to full columns embedded in headlines.)

So, just how radical is the Democrats’ transgender agenda? (Sept. 5): Men in women’s bathrooms, boys in girls’ sports, and worst of all, parents forbidden from blocking “sex-reassignment surgery” for their minor children.

These are among the radical implications of the Equality Act supported by almost all Senate Democrats. Controversy about this bill — which goes too far even for thoughtful liberal, lesbian activist Martina Navratilova — may just be the sleeper issue of the fall campaign, and a conservative group called the American Principles Project is trying to make Democrats pay for it.

Good for APP. Its warnings are justified…..

Yes, Kamala Harris would let dangerous rioters rule our streets (Sept. 1): Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s radicalism is evident in her support for a fund aimed at bailing out people arrested for criminal activity during protests in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, after George Floyd’s death in police custody, some of the protests gave way to criminal behavior. Property damage, looting, arson, and violence are not made morally justifiable by the supposedly moral cause of objecting to an injustice. Two wrongs, of course, do not make a right, and mobs are never right to victimize innocents (bystanders, shop owners, neighborhood residents, or honest police officers just doing their jobs) in the course of the protesters’ temper tantrums.

Yet, that’s what Harris effectively encouraged.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund is an organization that since 2016 has raised money to provide bail for arrestees awaiting trial. It boasts about making its bailout aid dependent only on the accused person’s ability to pay, without regard to how serious an offense was involved in the “pre-trial charge.” Thus, MFF makes it possible for even dangerous people to be released back onto the streets. Indeed, MFF money has been used to secure pretrial release even for those booked for sex crimes, violent felonies, and even murder….

The tough questions the media elite won’t ask Basement Biden (Sept. 2): It is long past time for Joe Biden not just to emerge from his basement, but to hold an open press conference. Emphasis on “open.”

The media should stop protecting Biden and start asking tough but fair questions about his own record, with the same skepticism and aggressiveness with which they ask questions of President Trump.

The public should feel insulted by the gall of a nearly 78-year-old man asking to be leader of the free world while refusing to make himself available for some “give and take” without teleprompters or pre-screened questioners teeing up softballs for him…


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