Two official Washington Examiner editorials related to Justice Department perfidy. Note that I personally think the House is acting entirely prematurely in opening an official impeachment inquiry, especially without a formal vote of a House majority to open it. That said, the points of the editorials below are on target.

House keeps unearthing damning evidence that DOJ willfully ignores (Sept, 18):

House Republicans’ oversight of Biden family transgressions has been well focused and effective, even as elements of the Justice Department have run corrupt interference on the Bidens’ behalf.

Indeed, even last week’s appropriate but minor indictment against the president’s son Hunter on gun charges would not have occurred if congressional oversight had been less conscientious.

The GOP should not, however, let its prematurely created impeachment inquiry detract from the basic fact-finding mission of its oversight efforts. Sometimes impeachment, which necessarily focuses on whether a president has transgressed specifically in a way meriting removal from office, can get in the way of the broader imperative to inform the citizenry about abuses of the public trust that may be serious but not impeachable. Impeachment or no impeachment, Republicans should redouble their broader, and broadly successful, investigative efforts….

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer meets with Judge Merrick Garland to discuss Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

AG Merrick Garland is an inartful dodger. No, worse; He’s a lying political hack. (Sept. 22): 

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Sept. 20 congressional testimony was disgracefully evasive and misleading. He merits no confidence in leading the Justice Department. He inhibits justice and the rule of law.

Garland said he can’t even “recollect” whether he “had personal contact” with anyone at the FBI about the investigation into presidential son Hunter Biden. Really? That’s like a coach saying he can’t recollect if he spoke to his quarterback before the most consequential play in a Super Bowl. It is simply not believable.

Garland repeatedly pawned off to underlings the responsibility for controversial decisions. He had no idea why U.S. Attorney David Weiss let statutes of limitations expire on major allegations against Hunter Biden. He did the Pilate-washing-hands thing when questioned about an armed FBI raid on the child-filled House of a peaceful pro-life protester, saying it was a decision made locally that he still, a year later, won’t denounce. Garland feigned ignorance of basic details about FBI observational presence at the 2021 Capitol riot……



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