Three news-aggregation pieces by Quin at Liberty Headlines. Follow the link in the headline for the whole piece.

Voter fraud rampant in sanctuary cities:

Continuing a series of reports on rampant fraud in voter registration and participation, the Public Interest Legal Foundation this week reported that more than 3,100 non-citizens registered to vote in just 13 “sanctuary cities” in the past decade. This comes on the heels of a report last week that 19 illegal aliens were charged with voting in North Carolina in the 2016 presidential election….


Dems hit Kavanaugh… for their own memos showing bigotry:

Liberal Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy’s line of “gotcha” questions to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday involved a 2003 controversy that many Democrats might prefer to forget.

The controversy showed Senate Democrats nakedly politicizing, and racializing, the consideration of a judicial nominee based not on his qualifications but specifically on his ethnicity.

The 2003 brouhaha involved electronic messages among Senate Democrats and their staffs that Manny Miranda, then a top Republican Senate staffer, found on and shared from a Judiciary Committee computer server.

Leahy’s questions seem to imply that Kavanaugh, while working then at the White House, knowingly received and made use of “stolen” e-mails Miranda allegedly shared with him. (Kavanaugh did not.)… While Republicans might have been embarrassed about how the memos were released, Democrats arguably were even more embarrassed by the actual, far more relevant content of those files…..

House conservatives balk at leaders’ proposed crackdown:

he Republican U.S. House leadership is considering rules changes to stifle and punish colleagues who dare to dissent from leadership edicts.

Conservative groups erupted in protest at the news.

Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) presented the proposed changes to a panel of House GOP leaders this week, reported The Washington Post.… Renegade Republicans who vote against the party lines and create logistical headaches could risk losing the plum committee assignments, reported The Hill…..