Three news articles by Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines…. (Click the headlines for the full stories.)

Trump Cabinet official keeps Obama’s Labor Law Judges AroundAt Power Line, an influential conservative blog site, writer Paul Mirengoff last week continued a months-long effort to cast doubt on the conservatism of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta…..

U.Va. profs protest a conservative hire, ignore leftists in own midst:

While heavily covering a controversyabout a University of Virginia think tank hiring a former top Trump administration official, the media has missed half the story.

As two scholars resigned from U. Va.’s Miller Center in protest of the hiring of Marc Short, former Trump-Pence legislative affairs director, reporters failed to mention that the Miller Center already features “senior fellows” with nakedly political left-wing résumés that more than match Short’s degree of partisan or ideological affiliations….

Left sues to keep NC voters from cleaning up own elections:

As has become a custom throughout the country, the political Left in North Carolina is attempting to disallow state residentsfrom voting (or having their vote be implemented) on what provisions should be in their own state constitution.

(Conservatives sometimes file suits against ballot initiatives, too, but less often.)

The Left’s ire is particularly focused against measures intended to combat voter fraud – a very real problem that the Left claims is so rare as to be virtually nonexistent.

The most high-profile of the four North Carolina amendments being challenged is one that would require voters to present a photo ID at the polls…..