Three news-aggregation pieces by Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines. Follow the links embedded in the headlines for the full stories.

Trump wants policy changes to stop California forest fires

President Trump kept the pressure on California and environmentalists on Wednesday, threatening to withhold federal fire assistance from the state unless it does a better job of clearing away dead wood that feeds the fires.

“It’s a disgraceful thing,” Trump said. “Old trees are sitting there, rotting and dry. And instead of cleaning it up, they don’t touch them.”….

Early voting trends look good for Republicans

While trends in early voting don’t always correlate with election outcomes, Republicans in many places in the country are happy to see reports of advantages in pre-Election Day balloting this year.

After all, an early vote is a vote already in the bank, so to speak, so it’s “better to have than not to have,” as one version of the saying goes….

The Left tries using state courts for its ‘agenda’

The Left always blasts Republican judicial nominees for allegedly having “agendas”—but apparently it’s not just OK for courts to have agendas if they’re liberal, it’s actually very desirable.

Witness a column out Wednesday in one-time liberal flagship publication The New Republic.

Reviving the old, progressive notion that the courts should not merely apply existing law but instead be agents of leftist social change, columnist Matt Ford’s headline says it boldly: “Can State Courts Save the Liberal Agenda?”

Apparently assuming (without much evidence) that public opinion favors leftist values, and assuming that judges are supposed to implement popular sentiment rather than follow the law, Ford writes with hope that for state courts, “term limits and regular elections make them more responsive to popular sentiment than their federal counterparts.”… The goal, Ford openly writes, is to “pursue a liberal legal agenda,” including expanded illegal immigration; fewer restrictions on abortion; liberal environmental and labor policies; and looser laws against vote fraud….



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