Guest column by Steve Stone;

I’m always amazed that people are generally ignorant of history and our leaders indicate they are even more so. News of the ISIS-inspired attacks in Paris Friday night should have resonated with everyone, everywhere as a repeat of history and yet another instance of ignoring it.

Most people learned a bit in school about the Trojan War. Yes, it was a long, long time ago, in the 11th or 12th century B.C., but it’s obviously still relevant. If modern politicians were schooled a bit more in Greek history and mythology, perhaps the current situation in all of Europe wouldn’t be as dire as we know it to be. Perhaps the coming situation in the United States wouldn’t be, either.

The Muslim refugee situation is tailor-made to repeat the history of the Trojan War many times over. You know the story; the tale of the Trojan Horse and how Odysseus had it constructed and left near the gates of Troy while his armies pretended to leave the battlefields and sail for home. Remember? The Trojans believed the giant wooden horse to be a parting gift, an offering to the goddess Athena. The Trojans accepted the gift, rolled it into their city, and the Greek saboteurs hiding inside departed it in the night to open the city’s gates for the hidden Greek armies. What couldn’t be accomplished in ten long years of combat was realized in only one night – the destruction of Troy and King Priam.

The modern version of that ruse is being played out now, and so far it’s working for ISIS as well as it did for Odysseus and the Greek armies. This time the Trojan Horse isn’t a wooden structure, it’s the great stream of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.   Within that river of people are Islamist saboteurs, metaphorically ready to open the gates of Europe. Paris is their first strike. There will be others.

Just as in that last day of Troy, there have been those who warned of the dangers of allowing refugees from the Middle East into Europe. Just as Laocoon, Helen of Troy, and Cassandra warned King Priam against accepting the horse as a gift, there have been many sane voices warning of the obvious danger of allowing Muslims to come into Europe. The signs of danger were all visible. The number of young, single men in the crowds were obvious. Known ISIS combatants were spotted in train stations, waiting for busses to Germany. The ISIS Internet chatter was alive with comments indicating plots afoot. Yet, Paris, just as Troy, slept as their variant of the Trojan Horse entered their city and commenced the slaughter.

The incident in Paris is a warning shot. It portends more attacks to come. We all know the Obama administration intends to continue with their plan to bring Muslim refugees into the country in great numbers, which is nothing new for them. We have all the warnings we need to know those refugees will have saboteurs among them. We’ve had our warnings, yet the Obama administration chooses to ignore them and forge ahead, continuing to pursue their ideological end.

The pace of fomented chaos is increasing. Bringing Muslim refugees to America, knowing full well their numbers includes ISIS operatives, is setting us up for more chaos. This time the chaos will be extreme and bloody, not just a stupid campus demonstration over a nonsense, manufactured issue. This time the blood of innocent Americans may run in the streets.

I don’t believe any Obama administration assurance of vetting the refugees. That’s just politically based nonsense. We are as unprotected as we can be. The Obama people aren’t being fooled, as Priam was. No, they’re opening the gates and bringing in this new Trojan Horse while knowing the truth of the danger. They’re inviting chaos and destruction.

The primary responsibility of any government is to protect its people from harm. It’s one thing for a government to fail to predict and react to a threat. It’s yet another to invite a known threat in. Obama’s Trojan Horse – coming soon to a town near you.

Steve Stone is a writer and libertarian activist in Mobile County, Alabama.