Herewith, four separate unrelated pieces ranging from the Federal Reserve to the travails of CNN’s Chris Cuomo (the latter of which was published a few hours before CNN “suspended him,” and several days before he was fired). For each full piece, follow the link embedded in the headline.

Federal Reserve chief is to blame for high inflation (Dec. 1):

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, whom President Joe Biden bizarrely wants to reappoint for another four-year term, made his own incompetence crystal clear on Tuesday by belatedly acknowledging that this year’s rampant inflation isn’t “transitory” after all.

Powell’s admission served merely to highlight how far behind the inflationary curve he and the Fed have been all year. Powell and the Fed bear at least half the blame for the highest price inflation rate in 30 years (with Biden and congressional Democrats deserving the rest)….

Fire Chris Cuomo, now (Nov. 30):

CNN should fire prime-time host Chris Cuomo — not just for its own ethical hygiene, but to uphold journalistic standards writ large and to avoid further eroding public trust in the media.

Documents recently released by New York Attorney General Letitia James lay bare Cuomo’s transgressions. They show that the CNN host flagrantly violated basic standards against journalistic conflicts of interest and then lied about his actions while helping his older brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, handle allegations of serious sexual misconduct….

On opioids, judge keeps Justice from doing an injustice (official Washington Examiner editorial, Nov. 29):

[When it comes to filling prescriptions for painkillers,] Walmart is in a jam. The states want to punish it, according to explicit state law, for doing too little, while the feds want to punish it, according to remarkably vague federal law, for doing too much…. Happily, a federal district judge in Delaware showed wisdom in a Nov. 19 order delaying proceedings in a case on the subject….

Appeals judges separate wheat from chaff in left-over Trump/Russia case (Dec. 1):

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit did a superb job on Tuesday in ordering disclosure of a few more pieces of the Mueller report into Russian interference in the 2016 election…..


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