Four different pieces (full columns embedded in the headline links) about Biden and Pelosi and company on very much the wrong track.

Biden team leaves electric grid open to Chinese sabotage (May 24): Three Republican senators are sounding a desperately needed alarm about another example of the Biden administration showing dangerous deference to Red China.

The Republicans’ complaints should be merely the first step in what needs to be a comprehensive effort to secure the U.S. electric grid.

Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas last week wrote to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, complaining about a late-April decision that puts the American grid at further risk of Chinese sabotage. (The Energy Department decision amounted to a hideously unwise step along the same path about which I warned in a January column.) The Biden team does so by repealing a Dec. 17, 2020 order, pursuant to a May 2020 directive by former President Donald Trump, which forbade “the acquisition, importation, transfer, or installation of specified bulk-power system electric equipment” from China….

We must block Biden’s racist education order (May 17): The public has two more days to make comments against a proposed rule by the Biden administration that would promote the execrable “critical race theory” in public schools.

The rule is legally suspect and morally monstrous. The mere fact that it was proposed at all is inexcusable….

Centrist Dems wisely balk at Pelosi Medicare drug scheme (May 19):House Democrats considering bucking Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a Medicare drug bill are doing the right thing. The bill would break one of the few government programs that doesn’t need fixing.

The Washington Times reports that 10 centrist Democrats are seen as reluctant to support a Pelosi-backed effort to have the government “negotiate” pharmaceutical prices in the Medicare Part D prescription-drug program….f the heavy hand of government price-fixers takes away the ability of drugmakers to recoup these expenses via market mechanisms, scores of life-improving and lifesaving drugs will never see the light of day. …

Congress should not let Biden kill the Hyde amendment on abortion funding (May 29):

There is something ghoulish about the Left’s obsession with forcing people to pay for the abortions of others. Now, President Joe Biden is going full-ghoul while trying to jettison what for 45 years has been both his own position and U.S. policy….




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