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Electric vehicle mandates are completely counterproductive (Dec. 1)  A backlash is growing against mandates forcing auto companies to make electric vehicles. Drivers now have enough experience to know that the vehicles are impractical, hideously expensive, and do not bring the environmental benefits claimed for them. …

Indictment of Hunter Biden shows rot at Justice Department that tried to protect him (Dec. 11):

Vindication for two IRS whistleblowers has come on two major fronts in the past week as the Justice Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and President Joe Biden all look substantially worse. Indeed, Garland looks so corrupt that he should lose his job.

Without whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, none of this information would have been unearthed. They now have provided massive evidence supporting every major aspect of their original claims….

Fire the college presidents — and the ‘DEI’ bureaucracies, too (Dec. 8): The moral degeneracy of the presidents of three prestigious universities who recently refused to condemn calls for genocide clearly is symptomatic of a larger problem. The long-term solution must be to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracies and policies, root and branch, from higher education. …

Biden hurts the poor by trying to kill for-profit colleges (Dec. 6):  The Left has been trying to kill for-profit colleges for years, even though they often serve low-income students. Congress has only one more week to act to prevent President Joe Biden from administering a death blow.

At issue is a Department of Education regulation that would deny for-profit institutions federal financial aid if they fail to prove they are helping enough students find “gainful employment.”….

AGs fight back against Biden attempt to kill faith-based adoption agencies (Dec. 4): Pushing back against the Biden administration’s radical identity politics, 19 state attorneys general and numerous conservative and religious organizations last week stood up for religious liberty and for long-standing, effective child adoption services. Good. The Biden proposal at issue is pernicious….


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