It’s probably too much to hope that GOP candidates and party operatives learned something from Hillary Clinton in last week’s Democratic debate.

For all the bad surrounding Hillary — and we know there’s plenty — she understands today’s political landscape…and what it probably has always been. In fact, the entire Political Left, in general, gets it.

Near the debate’s end, Clinton summarized her (and the Left’s) view of the political arena and her attitude about governing: she said she was most proud of making Republicans her “enemies.”

So much for the “civil tone” many, especially Republican establishment types, covet so dearly.

Truth is, this is nothing new. You know it as well as I do. When political opponents regularly accuse you of wanting to starve old people and children, hating minorities and the poor, and wanting to poison the air and water, how do you think they view you?

And it’s not just policies they attack, it’s our internal motives and character — the worst accusation you can make about someone. Essentially, Democrats call out Republicans as hateful, scum-of-the-earth human filth every election cycle. Yet Republican leaders worry about “a negative tone.”


The lesson is viewing Democrats and the Left as they view Republicans — they are The Enemy. Democrats don’t want to ‘reach across the aisle.’ They don’t want to get along. They don’t want bi-partisan solutions to get things done. They want Republicans and any policy promoting personal independence, growth, achievement and responsibility eradicated from the public discourse. And they’ll resort to any lie or distortion necessary to achieve it.

But Republican leaders fret over “a negative tone.”

Hey, you GOP insider bigwigs….want to win elections? See the playing field for what it is, as your base already does. Attack your Enemy — which is what the Democrats are — and show people what’s plainly obvious. Democrat economic and cultural policies hurt people; they create more dependence, more poverty, more crime and more misery. The history is crystal clear, yet GOP candidates refuse using this whooping stick to pound liberals into the submission they deserve.

We need to stop worrying about appearances, and start winning. Because people’s lives are at stake.

Every time a liberal wins an election it means more families suffering poverty and depression. Every time liberal ideas are accepted it means more illegitimate births and more children fighting uphill to succeed. Expanding liberal culture undermines the foundations of education, family and community stability. The Left’s ideas are bad for individual Americans, and harm the country as a whole. Worse, national Democrat leaders know their policies produce negative results. And they don’t care. They don’t give a damn.

But by all means, let’s be mindful not to portray a negative tone.

The good news is some GOP folks get it, too. Obviously Donald Trump doesn’t shy away from confrontation, and Ben Carson also smacks both Democrats and the Media around in his own genteel way. But apparently Republican party bosses are too scared of their own shadow to follow suit.

So let’s learn from Hillary. In this case she’s absolutely right; the other side isn’t our friend and they don’t want what’s best for the country or individual citizens. If conservatives want to win (and save the country) we need to act and campaign accordingly. And stop worrying about getting along with those not interested in doing so.

NOTE: Felix Veritas is a pen name for a thoughtful citizen in Mobile, AL. I usually, but not always, agree with the opinions in his column, which are very much his own and not mine. — Quin


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