Last night’s debate created some new stars, but none shown brighter than Carly Fiorina.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO’s pointed, concise responses on a variety of issues were impressive. However, she scored the most points using Donald Trump’s model – speak to an issue deeply-held by most GOP voters which others appear scared to address.

She called Hillary Clinton “a liar.” And backed it up with evidence.

Much like Trump tapped into the average GOP voter’s frustration on illegal immigration, Fiorina’s case against Clinton raised a single-voice chorus of “Yes! Go girl!” in living-rooms across the country.

Justifiably, it’s getting her plenty of attention with the added benefit of exposing even more glaring liberal hypocrisy. Somehow, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews found Fiorina’s detailed exposition of Clinton’s lies unsavory, but never had a problem (as pointed out by fellow anchor Joe Scarborough) erroneously labeling former President George W. Bush a liar for years after the Iraq invasion.

You see Chris, this is why we can’t take you seriously. Or most any liberal, for that matter.

The feigned moral indignation from a party disdaining the application of any moral virtue is laughable on its face. But it further demonstrates what we’re fighting against.

The Left is a group of Flat-earthers, and employing logic and reason is lost on most of them. That’s how Hillary’s lies aren’t lies. That’s how “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” wasn’t a lie. That’s how trafficking human infant body parts is really about women’s health and not grotesque, sub-human barbarism. Just ignore the truth, call the lie something sanitary like “untruth,” or deny it altogether. See how easy that is?

Last night, Carly Fiorina made herself a player by – like Trump — punching the bully in the nose. She stood up and said what’s obvious to everyone (especially 100+ million US conservatives), but somehow no one is willing to say.

The next great GOP opportunity waits in the streets of Detroit, south Chicago or Baltimore. The candidate willing to stand on an urban street corner and ask the inhabitants “Look around and tell me what’s better after 40 years of Democrat lies? How long are you going to believe that they really want to help you?” has a huge poll bump waiting for them, and maybe an inside track to the White House.

This is the next installment in our series of contributions by a mysterious denizen of Mobile, Alabama, named “Felix Veritas.” I promise that I am not Felix and Felix is not I. In fact, there will surely be times when I disagree with Felix.
Anyway, Felix is very thoughtful and a terrific auto-didact, with a great sense for “the big questions” of culture and politics. I am delighted to have his contributions to this site. Please be on the lookout for more, in the coming months. — Quin