Two columns about the Justice Department that should outrage and even frighten every one of us. (Links to the full columns are embedded in the headlines.)

FBI conducts dangerous raid on peaceful home with seven children (Sept. 25):

[As discussed, by the way, on Fox News, here, esp. beginning at the 1:30 mark of the video.]

If the FBI and the Justice Department want critics to stop portraying the bureau as a menace to society, maybe FBI leaders and agents should stop acting like menaces.

Conservative social media is blowing up this weekend about a sickeningly abusive, armed FBI raid on the child-filled home of a pro-life activist in Pennsylvania. And with good reason. Once again, the FBI has gone dangerously overboard with an unnecessary show of force. When faced with orders to participate in such hugely unnecessary armed raids, individual agents should register official protests with their superiors.

And FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has been a craven apologist for FBI abuses, should reform FBI practices before “overwhelming force” turns into unspeakable tragedy. He and Attorney General Merrick Garland also are ethically derelict for so harshly targeting relatively mild anti-abortion protesters while showing almost no interest in filing even a single charge against those who vandalized or even firebombed nearly 100 pro-life pregnancy centers.

The latest atrocity — yes, atrocity is the right word — stemmed from incidents in 2021….

DoJ subpoena of Alabama group is as abusive as what was tried against the NAACP in 1958 (Sept. 23):

Sometimes, legal motions are so improper and constitutionally offensive that the lawyers deserve to suffer personal and professional consequences, along with any supervisors who approved them. Such is the case with a stunningly abusive subpoena issued by the Justice Department against a citizens’ group in Alabama.

Acting through Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Cheek in Birmingham, the department demanded five years of documents from the Eagle Forum of Alabama which, get this, isn’t even a party to the case being litigated and whose documents have absolutely no bearing on the question at issue in the lawsuit…..


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