Modern political liberalism is often wrong but respectable — unlike today’s Left which predominates in our culture and isn’t within what were ordinary bounds of what once was liberal discourse and action. Herewith, 11 examples, in no particular order (with links to each full column embedded in each headline).

The ABA’s demand for ‘diversity’ is in truth a perversity (Dec. 19):  A recent warning shot from the American Bar Association to the Hofstra University School of Law serves as one more reason the ABA should just go away.

The world would be better off without the ABA, which long has pretended to be a professional-standards organization while actually acting more like a left-wing lobbyist and cartel….

Soros’ son paid to legalize hard drugs. Why was he at Biden state dinner? (Dec. 22):  So, did you hear the one about presidential son Hunter BidenGeorge Soros’s son, a heroin epidemic in Oregon, and the White House state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron?….

Communication commissars continue contaminating college campuses (Dec. 13):  A new report from a free speech watchdog group shows that the proto-totalitarian rot is getting even worse on college campuses. It’s not just the administrators and faculty, but also far too many students who are ethically degenerate….

The New York Times again slimes conservatives (Dec. 29):  The New York Times is transgressively selective when it comes to identifying “The Danger Within” American society. …

‘A.A.P.I.’ and ‘Latinx’ just aren’t welcome in our ‘master bedrooms’ (Dec. 29):  The woke attempt to revamp the English language isn’t going very well, thank goodness…..

It’s hard to see New Year’s lights when Biden taxes the energy that fuels them (Dec. 30).

The Left’s new worries about an ‘imperial court’ are risible (Dec. 20).

The compassionate crime policy is to incarcerate serious offenders (Dec. 14).

Court correctly tells Biden he can’t force nuns to provide transgender surgeries (Dec. 12).

Does Biden’s Justice Department care about the civil rights of Christians? (Dec. 6).

Writer for Slate won’t admit there’s no right-wing legal boogeyman (Dec. 15):  The Left’s conspiracy theories about the conservative Federalist Society legal-interest organization are bizarrely obsessive. Witness how unmoored a lefty journalist looks even when trying, admirably, to be fair…..


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