Richard Dreyfuss blasts Academy Award racial quotas (May 8): Academy Award -winning actor Richard Dreyfuss is certainly no conservative, but he offered pointed criticisms late last week of the identity politics obsessions of the dominant media-entertainment culture. Good. His words were brave and true.

So was much of the rest of Dreyfuss’s interview with Margaret Hoover on Firing Line, most of which was buried under the headlines about his opposition to “identity” obsessions in art.

His opposition was pithy: “They make me vomit.”

By “they,” Dreyfuss meant new rules the Academy is implementing for 2024 saying movies cannot be eligible for Best Picture unless their casts and crews meet numerical quotas for “under-represented groups.”….

At GU: woke-ification, adultification, over-capitalization (May 19): If you are already having trouble keeping up with what sorts of offenses, or even mere “microaggressions,” are enough to “trigger” people to “cancel” you for your “whiteness” or other attitudes of “privilege,” well, Georgetown University has invented new sins you weren’t even aware of committing.

Georgetown Magazine, the school’s publication primarily for alumni, has gone so “woke” that caffeine and amphetamines are soporifics by comparison.

Rebecca Epstein of the Initiative on Gender Justice & Opportunity at Georgetown Law is now on a crusade against — get this new phrase! — “adultification bias.” After years of feminists blasting men for calling 16-year-olds “girls” instead of “women,” now the alleged problem is just the opposite: It’s “the phenomenon in which adults view Black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than their white peers.”

Oh, we can be assured this trend has been verified as a vast problem through rigorous, scientific assessments, right? Well, said Epstein, she “validated it by talking to women and girls about their life experiences.” It’s all part of the “gender justice framework,” dontcha know.

And that’s just the start of the “aggrieved identity” obsessions in this awful issue….


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