There are right ways and wrong ways to protest. Respectful ways, and obnoxious ways. To protest against something that is not the cause of your grievance, especially if that protest insults the deeply held and admirable beliefs of others, is wrongheaded. There is a difference between having the right to protest and having one’s protest be right. And if the protest is not right, but obnoxious, then it is the equal right of everybody else to criticize the protesters — not because they protested, but because of how they protested.

And even if some supposed leader goes overboard in criticism in terms of what he says and how he says it, that doesn’t make the protests any more justifiable.

There will be plenty more to say about the NFL protests this past weekend.

For now, let me just say this: 1) This nation of ours has provided more freedom, more dignity, and more material benefits to its citizens, and has given more of its blood and treasure for the sake of others, than any nation on Earth. Its symbols should not be insulted, and those who insult it even though they are lucky enough to live here are terrible ingrates. 2) The players are protesting the wrong way against the wrong cause, and their behavior is shameful.


Thank you. — Quin