Politico smears Republicans for fighting infanticide

If anyone wonders why so many people hate, detest, despise the establishment media, witness Politico’s “news” article Monday night about Senate Democrats’ defeat of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

There will be more to say about the substance and repercussions of Senate Democrats’ vote last night refusing to protect infants delivered still alive after failed abortion attempts. What immediately rankles, though, is that Politico went to stupendous lengths to make Republicans look like cynical “bad guys” in the whole affair.

No neutral reporting allowed. No explanation of the New York, Virginia, and Vermont bills that catalyzed Republicans to introduce this Senate legislation, other than a sentence buried deep within the story mistakenly describing those state bills as merely having “loosened restrictions on third-trimester abortions.” Not even a semi-adequate recounting of the concerns forwarded by the bill’s Republican sponsors.

This was the headline: “Senate defeats anti-abortion bill, as GOP tries to jam Dems.”

Yes, really.

…. [later in the column]… the headline sets the theme of the whole article that this bill is not an act of conscience, but a cynical ploy to “jam” Democrats. That’s the media’s rule: Every single story must paint Republicans as nasty manipulators, devoid of sincerity, ravenous for Democrats’ political blood….. [The full column is here.]

On Infanticide, do Dems show a death wish?

An ordinary human conscience should have difficulty even processing the fact that 44 Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a bill that would protect newborn infants from being killed or subjected to negligent homicide should they survive an attempted abortion.

Yes, as a side note, polling indicates Democrats might suffer politically from their callousness.

All but three Democrats in the Senate voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would simply require that doctors “exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of” children who survive attempted abortions as they would for any other infants after ordinary live births.

Much of the establishment media coverage obscures this fact, so let’s repeat it: This bill applies only to babies who are alive, breathing the air of day, separate and apart from the mother’s body, no longer in any sense “fetuses” but who are unambiguously, fully formed human beings. These are babies that doctors tried, but failed, to abort. They are there, presumably in the maternity room, struggling for life…. [Full column is here.]




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