Congressional Democrats are dangerously close to undercutting U.S. national security for the sake of scoring political points against President Trump. Shame on them.

The subject is Iran. The Trump administration is quite openly moving major military resources nearer Iran, saying it has significant intelligence about Iranian threats to U.S. assets. Trump’s national security team, a bit belatedly, briefed numerous members of Congress earlier this week about those threats. Democrats responded by aiming more flak at Trump than at Iran.

One unnamed Democratic senator expressed “real misgivings about how serious this is and how much is a creation of the administration’s own provocative policy.” Added Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego: “I truly believe that the intel is being misinterpreted and misrepresented by Secretary [of State Mike] Pompeo, by [National Security Adviser John] Bolton and other people that do want us to go to war in Iran as a repeat to Iraq.” The tenor of those remarks — that the administration is war-happy and dishonest about the intelligence — was repeated by other Democrats.

This behavior is unconscionable.

Members of Congress, of course, have every right to ask tough questions, especially but not only behind closed doors, about any administration’s military maneuvers. But to so openly, and rather slanderously, accuse the secretaries of state and defense, the national security adviser, and the president of dishonesty in furtherance of warmongering, while not even bothering to offer words of condemnation against evil enemies such as the Iranian government, is to undercut U.S. forces at a crucial time….

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