(Feb. 21)  It’s basically too late now, but even 12 days ago, when I wrote this, it was still at least conceivable:

For the good of the country, it is essential that a Democrat with at least a semi-national profile enter some remaining primaries to challenge President Joe Biden’s renomination.

Even at this late date, a victory over Biden in even one or two primaries could provide the embarrassment needed to drive the president from the race finally. Despite conventional wisdom, the right candidate really could pull such an upset.

First, let’s examine why this is necessary. Then, let’s look at how things could and should play out if the gambit works.

A top-tier or mid-tier Democrat, someone with a bigger profile than current challenger Dean Phillips, a good man the left-leaning media unfairly belittled back when the media still was protecting Biden, should enter the race because the world is in a parlous state. Facing such challenging times, the public deserves better than a choice between a corrupt and doddering Biden and the raging menace that is former President Donald Trump. With China, Iran, Russia, and Muslim terrorists all saber-rattling, and with the United States facing an unprecedented and dangerous level of national debt, and with domestic political divisions as raw as any in some 60 years, it is in the realm of unpatriotic to refuse to give the public a different choice….

Potential challengers, though, should recognize this situation involves more than simple arithmetic. It’s also a matter of public pressure and of psychology, especially Biden’s psychology. As long as Biden keeps winning primaries, he will see no reason to withdraw. Yet if somebody takes him on and actually beats him in a public vote, even in a less populous state such as Montana but especially in traditionally powerful New Jersey, Biden’s remaining aura will disappear…

[LATER HILLYER ADDENDUM: I am stealing this from a friendly acquaintance, but Louisianans will get the reference. What Democrats are saying, in effect, is “Vote for the old guy: It’s important.” My answer is that if it is so important, Democrats shouldn’t offer us the old guy.]…. [The rest of this column is here.]


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