Democratic leaders are ratcheting up their divisiveness and denigrating America. For the following four pieces explaining how, follow the links embedded in the headlines to read the full columns/editorial.

Biden is wrong: America’s soul isn’t racist (April 21): President Joe Biden is already starting to push people too far with his constant refrains about how racist this country is.

He is overstating a very weak case, and he risks becoming like former President Jimmy Carter when Carter’s so-called “malaise speech” had the annoying effect, in the insightful words of Vice President Walter Mondale, of “urging the people to be as good as the government.” The public and American culture are better than Biden says we are….

Why does Biden let U.N. Ambassador call U.S. ‘racist’? (April 17):

It’s a big problem when the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations trashes her own country with abandon. But the bigger problem is the president who appointed her.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Wednesday gave a highly contentious speech to a highly problematic audience — namely Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, an aggressively ideological outfit often described by critics as a shakedown operation…. It is even worse (indeed, wholly wrong on substance and unacceptable from the person representing this nation on the world’s stage) to claim that “white supremacy” was “weaved” into the very “principles” of our founding and that racism is somehow the collective fault of the “society that produces the racist.” (See editorial.)…

Backlash brewing against Biden? (April 15): As Tax Day loomed three months into the last Democratic president’s first term, the national Tea Party movement was poised to explode onto the political scene with rallies in hundreds of American communities.

Well (to mix metaphors), one can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice, but I think an equally strong backlash is brewing against the far more aggressive incursions against “normalcy” that the Biden administration and its allies are foisting upon us….

Pelosi tries to have it both ways on court packing (Official Washington Examiner editorial, April 16): When a Democratic proposal is too partisan and radical even for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that’s a clear sign it’s an awful idea.

Pelosi, on Thursday, said she would not bring up for a floor vote a bill by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to increase the size of the Supreme Court from nine justices to 13. BUT….


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