Two official Washington Examiner editorials about bad policies pushed by Democrats.

Soft-on-crime prosecutors and policies are causing massive societal dangers (Nov. 1): Three different stories from the nation’s capital in the past month highlight the acute dangers of treating criminal offenses too leniently. So-called Soros prosecutors and their allies are wreaking havoc on communities nationwide.

On Oct. 30, the Washington Post editorial board used the story of two Capitol Hill carjackings four weeks earlier, one involving Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), to urge major modification of Washington’s “no chase” policy that restricts police pursuits. Although a device in the Honda SUV owned by carjacking victim Stephanie Traub allowed the car’s exact location to be tracked, police merely watched the car’s progress on a laptop computer but said they were not allowed to intercept it.

Even in calling for police chases to be allowed again, though, the Washington Post still said there was a need to “find the right balance between empowering officers and ensuring guardrails prevent the overuse of force.” That’s nonsense. Lawmakers, police, prosecutors, and judges should stop hand-wringing about “balance” and spend their energies deterring, interdicting, and punishing criminals. That, not “social justice,” is their job….

Obama-Biden health care policies are causing shortages and price hikes (Oct. 23):  The costs of Obamacare and its Biden-era add-ons are becoming intolerable.

When President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) bent legislative rules to pass Obamacare 13 years ago, critics rightly scoffed at their claims that it would expand access to health insurance and control costs.

Healthcare inflation has continued to raise prices in the rest of the economy, as was always obviously going to be the case despite Democratic falsehoods, and the massive costs to taxpayers also keep growing. The latest numbers on health insurance premiums and dangerous additional levels of government debt condemn both Obamacare and President Joe Biden’s policies that are driven by the same flawed assumptions…..



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